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At the AGM on 2 August 2014, Christina Thorne was nominated and accepted for Bilbys life membership. 
Christina joined Bilbys in 2003 as a novice. She was on the committee during her early years with the club and after a short break, re-joined in 2011 where she was nominated and voted in as Vice-President, which is the role she has served in ever since. Christina has been outstanding in this role and has taken on more than the normal workload for a Vice-President, including compiling and sending the club newsletter (she has not skipped one or needed anyone else to fill in for her during the 3 + years she has been doing it!). Christina looks forward to the prospect of a big weekend of racing because that means she gets to list everyone’s results in the newsletter.
Christina has also been the sole coordinator for every single novice program since 2012. Coordinating the yearly novice program is a huge task. Christina’s workload starts in June/July when she plans the program and makes all the bookings. It then picks up in August as she starts to get dozens and dozens of emails requesting information about the program and we open online registrations. Then during the program, Christina is coordinating everything, dealing with heaps of questions and also helping out with cycling, swimming and running coaching. I’m not sure everyone would appreciate that for a few weeks before the program and during the program itself, Christina is putting in around 10-15 hours of her own time into the program every single week.
Christina has also represents the club in her role as a Technical Official (TO), through which she also makes a significant contribution to the sport of Triathlon. Taking this last season as a typical example, Christina was in attendance at every single Triathlon ACT race this season as either a Technical Official or as a volunteer. She was also a TO at the Trystars and the Weetbix Tryathlon events. Christina travelled interstate this season to be a TO at major races in other cities, often giving up an entire weekend to travel and then officiate at the races. Within the club, Christina has encouraged others to do the TO course and develop an enthusiasm for officiating. Further, Christina does a dedicated session for our novices on the rules of triathlon and assists them all the way through their progression in triathlon to ensure they understand the rules of triathlon and the reasoning behind the rules. Christina was the well-deserved winner of the TACT Technical Official award for last season.
5 Week Swimming Technique Course PDF Print Email Address *

With the start of the Triathlon season only a few months away, now is the perfect time to do some fine tuning to your swimming.


Bilbys Coaches Guy Jones and Trent Cooper are looking to run a 5 week swim technique clinic that will include:

-Filming of your stroke at the start and end of the course, with DVD copies for you to take home
-One on one stroke correction specific to your swimming style
-Group swim sessions focused on technique development and making you faster for less effort!
-Advice on your swim training focus leading into the triathlon season

We are working through the costs but it will be in the range of $100 per person (a bargain!) to cover lane hire fees, equipment/materials and a little for our time.

If you would be interested in this type of course, with a start date around the middle to end of August, please either email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or drop me a message (0439 013 903).

Important Change to Memberships PDF Print Email Address *

Dear Bilbys Members
Bilbys Triathlon Club will be changing its membership model starting in the 2014/2015 membership year. 
You may be aware that in other Australian States and Territories membership of a triathlon club entails compulsory membership of Triathlon Australia (TA). Triathlon ACT has decided to move to this system and Bilbys have decided to move with them.
The Bilbys Committee (along with committees from other Canberra triathlon clubs) looked at this issue in great depth before committing to the new membership model. We have decided to support this membership model for the following reasons:
  • Supporting the sport of triathlon: our club and constitution was established for the purposes of promoting and supporting the sport of triathlon. 
  • By affiliating with TA we are doing our part to support the sport of triathlon through supporting the peak triathlon body in Australia. 
  • Many, if not most other sports already follow this model whereby joining a club entails also joining the relevant association (eg. Cycling Australia, Mountain Biking Australia). 
  • Having TA member numbers more accurately reflect the number of triathletes in all the various clubs will put TA in a better position for applying for grants or lobbying for issues relating to triathlon. 
  • Insurance: our affiliation with TA allows us to purchase Public Liability Insurance through them to insure the Club, the Committee, our Coaches and our volunteers. 
  • If we chose to not affiliate or only partially affiliate, we would have to purchase separate insurance. The high cost of independently purchased insurance would mean that Bilbys memberships would have to increase significantly.
What this means for our members
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