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Bilbys Club Events

The Club holds three events open to financial club members only


The Baldwin-Rolfe Hill Climb

The Farrell-Marshall Run

The Bilbys World Championships (an Aquathon event).


These events are based on a 'best guess' scenario. Competitors estimate how long it will take them to complete the specific event. We then take their watches, bike computers etc and send everyone off in a handicap fashion. The person who is closest to their guess is named champion for that event.

Competitors usually pay $5 to enter and this money (plus some extra from the Bilbys bank account) is divided up between first, second and third place. Plus a little something extra for the worst guesser! The Bike Shed and the Runners Shop have also provided us with barrell draw prizes for many years for these events.

See past Club Event Winners for results of previous events.

Membership Sign-on/Renewal day

The Membership Sign-on/Renewal day is held in early July each year to give members a readily accessible chance to join up each year and pick up their card and free t-shirt, as well as a chance to pick up some great club gear bargains.

Other Social Events

Bilbys also organise various adhoc social events throughout the year. These can include pizza nights, trivia nights and social rides on long weekends or holidays. Stay tuned to the Bilbys email list for details!