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Bilbys has three run sessions each week:

Tuesday night 6pm: intervals at Southwell Park (Lyneham 2).  Lyneham 1 is at the corner of Northbourne Ave and Mouat St and Lyneham 2 is just nextdoor. Car park access is from either Mouat St (west bound) or Thurbon Rd (off Northbourne Ave).

Thursday night 6pm: a more informal run session - this session does not always run.  Location and format varies - watch out for training news in our newsletter.  We also will sometimes have an uncoached lake swim/run session on Thursday nights in summer.   Check the newsletter or our Facebook page for details as this is typically organised informally by club members.

Sunday morning- Meet at the carpark behind the war memorial at 8am. This will be an uncoached session distances and directions will be determined by attendees. Options include Ainslie, Majura, Central or East Basin.

The Tuesday session are interval run sessions, which allow for people at all levels of ability. After a warm-up and stretching, the main session is usually around a grass track with intervals of varying distances marked out. There will generally be someone else at the same speed to run with, a great social atmosphere and the coach can provide advice on technique and training make for a great way to meet new people and training partners.


This session takes place at Southwell Park (Lyneham 2) on a grass running track.


The session begins at 6pm and finishes at 7:30pm. Sessions are rarely cancelled even in bad weather. Sometimes we do a street run if the ovals are closed. Keep an eye on the website for announcements if the weather is "iffy"


This session caters for a wide range of abilities from people just starting out to people training for marathon distances. The wide range of abilities means you will nearly always find someone at your speed which is good for your motivation! Juniors are welcome accompanied by parents or by pre-arrangement with Gary Rolfe.


The session is formally coached by Gary Rolfe, and is based on interval sets that are designed to build strength, speed, and speed endurance. Sessions are structured throughout the year to be compatible with the triathlon racing season, major cross-country races, and fun run type events.

A typical session is based on:

A light warm up jog of 500m to 1500m depending on ability and time of year.
A guided static stretching session lasting around 10 minutes.

Approximately 10 x 100m run throughs of active stretching/ running drills including high knees, leg lifts, bum kicks, side slides, sideways running, backwards running, short sprints and other assorted silly walks that Gary dreams up to get things moving properly.

The main set, in short, medium and long variations, usually on the 400m oval.

A cool down jog of 500m to 2000m
A static stretching session.

Other sessions include hill run ups at the back of Mount Ainslie, and hill efforts in the backstreets of North Lyneham.

Some examples of the main sets (long versions) include:

Whistle set, 8 x (2 minutes hard, 1 minute easy)
5km time trial
3x (1,000m, 60 second rest)
4x (600m, 40 second rest)
3x (200m, 20 second rest), all at better then 5km race pace
3x (1,200m hard, 400m easy)
3x (400m hard, 200m easy)
5x (1,000m hard, 400m easy)
4x (1,000m at your targeted 5k pace, 400m easy)
16x (400m on a time determined by your targeted pace, 30 seconds recovery)

The short and medium versions have the same format, but use fewer repetitions and slower times. You are always free to do more or less depending on your individual goals. Please talk to the coach if you are new to running, or could use some guidance on what distances you should be doing.


$3 for the coach (summer) and $4 in winter to help pay for lights.  $5 for non-members.

What gear do I need?

Running shoes.

Clothing that allows for active movement without rubbing and chaffing, but still keeps you warm enough through the winter and cool during summer. It can be quite cold during the winter, so you should also bring a jacket for the static stretching. For winter running, you'll be most comfortable if you aim to cover yourself from head to toe in dry-fit fabrics that wick the sweat away so you don't stay wet in the cold weather. Dry fit socks, running tights, dri-fit long sleeved top and dri-fit running gloves, with dri-fit ear warmers or beanie is a common combination for our winter run sessions. With the right gear, running is something you can do year-round in Canberra.


  • There is a toilet block/change room at the ground, but no showers.
  • Have something light to eat before you come, it's probably been a while since lunch!
  • Be very careful of de-hydration, particularly in the summer time.
  • Riding to the session is a pleasant way to warm up and cool down, especially during daylight savings.

Note: In Summer there may be a swim/run brick session at Lake Burley Griffin on Thursday nights. This session starts at the Acton Ferry Terminal on Thursdays at 6pm. The session comprises of an out-and-back open water swim followed by a run along the lake. This session is uncoached and unsupervised and normally organised informally by club members using the forums on our website.  There is no kayak/boat support for this session so it is only for those swimmers who are already confident swimming in open water.

You will need swimmers, goggles, a bright coloured swimming cap (to be more visible to other lake users), running shoes and water. A wetsuit is recommended when the temperature is cold.