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Tara and Jess at the 2013 Bondi to Bronte Ocean SwimTara and Jess at the 2013 Bondi to Bronte Ocean Swim

On Sunday 1 December 2013, a few of us (Pam, Dave, Tara and me) made a day trip to Sydney to take part in the Bondi to Bronte ocean swim. The event is run by the Bronte Surf Life Saving Club and the main swim is between 2.1 and 2.2km. Participants start on Bondi Beach, swim straight out and head right, around McKenzie's point, and down the coast into Bronte Beach.
When we arrived just after 9am it was a lovely day in Bondi. The event was well organised and it was easy to register and put out bags into the truck to be taken to the finish. The  waves were reasonably sized and spaced out, with one wave dedicated to people who wanted to swim with fins and floatation devices.

My wave was at around 10.30am, and by then, while there was still a bit of sun, there was also a lot of dark clouds off the coast. Thankfully the pending weather didn't impact the swim conditions, though there were a few nervous giggles when the race brief advised us not to worry if we saw fins in the water because there was a pod of dolphins nearby. As the hooter went for my wave I followed the more experienced surf swimmers to navigate the incoming surf which wasn't too bad. The group spread out nicely and I settled into a good rhythm. As expected the water got a bit more choppy the further out we swam but it was still really enjoyable.

The course was marked out by  big pink buoys that were easy to spot, and every time I looked up I could see some form of safety craft keeping an eye on us. It was pretty cool swimming out of Bondi Beach and then past Tamarama. Before I knew it, the buoys guided us into Bronte Beach. Getting into Bronte was the hardest part of the swim to me because I was trying to push through the swell, deal with the water pushing other swimmers into me and I couldn't quite tell where I was supposed to exit the water on the beach. As I looked up a surf life saver firmly pointed me in the right direction, and I finally reached the shore, and tried to run up the sand to the finish line.
It didn't take long to find my fellow swimmers and we collected our bags without any hassles. We all agreed it was a great event, and very nice to swim in the ocean. I recommend this event to people who enjoy open water swimming.