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Dear Bilbys Members

As you will recall from this time last year, Bilbys agreed to implement the compulsory membership model whereby membership of Triathlon Australia (TA) became a compulsory part of Bilbys membership.  This was to support the governing body of our sport and also to make sure that the club had insurance through our affiliation with Triathlon Australia.

At that time we still had Bilbys memberships on our website, meaning that members had to sign up and pay on the Triathlon ACT website and then on our website as two separate transactions.

We have now combined with the Triathlon Australia membership process so that you can sign up for both your TA and Bilbys membership in a single transaction.  You will then receive a TA membership card that lists Bilbys as your chosen club.  This card will be your membership card for both TA and Bilbys and your membership for both will run from 1 July to 30 June each year.

To renew your Bilbys membership, please go to the membership section of the Triathlon ACT website and follow the links:

Please note this method is now the only method you will be able to use to join Bilbys or to renew your Bilbys membership as we can no longer accept memberships on our website or through the old paper form.  With the TA membership component, you have  the choice of a $125 competing licence or a $5 non-competing licence.   

We will therefore no longer hold the club sign on day, but will combine the collection of your membership t-shirts with our Annual General Meeting (currently scheduled for Saturday 15 August).

If you have any questions about the new membership model, please feel free to contact me or one of our committee members.


Emma Fielder


Canberra Bilbys Triathlon Club

0414 711 646

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