Andre Zerger 2007 Life Member

Paul Farrell (another life member) spoke at the trivia night about the club's history and made us realise how close the club was to folding in early 90s.

It became apparent to us that Andre had a lot to do with the strong position the club is in today.

We asked Paul and the other life members to give a bit of a rundown of Andre’s contribution to determine whether we felt it worthy that he be nominated for this award.

Andre helped Paul re-establish the club by forming part of the executive team and did a lot of work behind the scenes setting up races, chasing sponsors and gaining the confidence of the more established members of Bilbys who, to be frank, were very resistant initially to many of the changes Paul was proposing (changes they later fully endorsed).

Paul has always thought Andre underestimated his own contribution and was very chuffed that Andre made the speech to give the life membership certificates to Rob, Gary, Dave and himself given their partnership.

Dave Baldwin commented that it was Paul and Andre's efforts that introduced the formalisation of the club with membership fees, uniforms, sponsors, committee, training diary, newsletter, etc.

Gary Rolfe also endorsed the recommendation and commented that Andre still contributes as a coach despite having a young family and not having time to train at morning or night. His historic contribution was huge and he has been around for along time.

Andre was voted in unanimously as the club's 5th life member.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 09 October 2007 )